POST TIME: 13 February, 2020 11:13:36 AM
Climate change affects agriculture in Tangail

Climate change affects agriculture in Tangail

Climate change has badly affected agriculture in Tangail. Intense heat, on-going long duration of cold, untimely flood, cyclone, tornado, tidal waves, and drought are having adverse impacts on agriculture.

  Abu Sayed Mollah, a retired teacher and a farmer from village Kakuya under Sadar upazila, said, “I have six bighas of land. I sowed aman seed on four bighas this year. But I could harvest only two mounds of paddy.  Last year, I was able to get 10 mounds of paddy. Frequent floods have damaged my crops.” He said the ongoing cold spell also affected his boro cultivation.

“I understand the changes are due to climate changes. This time, the extreme cold condition has affected seed beds badly. Cows are also giving less milk. We know land becomes fertile after floods. But, now the land’s fertility has reduced considerably due to untimely and frequent flooding. Lentils grow plentifully after flood. This year production of lentil has been reduced. Cultivation of pumpkin, gourd, and fruits also suffered. We’re in deep trouble,” he added.  

Echoing his words, Abdul Halim, a farmer from village Deldha, said, “I sowed aman seeds on 22 bighas. But repeated and untimely floods damaged my crop. I couldn’t harvest any paddy this year.”

Ruhul Amin, another farmer from the same village, said he harvested five mounds of paddy and one mound of lentils this year as against 40 mounds of paddy and 15 mounds of mash lentil on 10 bighas of land last year.

Making no bones about the impacts of climate change on crops, Arifur Rahman, agriculture officer, Tangail sadar, said, “Agricultural production depends on the right kind of temperature and rainfall. Timely rainfall and necessary water is critical for good production. Dense fog and cold spell have also damaged mustard seeds, potatoes, and other vegetables. The yields of coconuts and many other fruits have also been affected.”

Shahjahan Master from Madhupur municipality said supplies of cauliflower, cabbage, gourd, and bean had slumped in the market due to the ongoing cold spell. Prices of vegetables had also gone up impacting the common people. All this, according to him, was due to climate change.”