POST TIME: 23 February, 2020 08:17:19 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 23 February, 2020 08:34:43 PM
Reproductive health

Reproductive health

Speakers at a consultation meeting on Sunday put emphasis on the need to make the teachers skillful on sexual and reproductive health.

The country’s many aspects including economy and development are involved with sexual and reproductive health. Thus, proper education in this regard should be ensured, they observed.

United Body for Rights (UBR) Bangladesh Alliance organised the meeting at CIRDAP auditorium with its executive director Dr Noor Mohammed in the chair.
Moderated by executive director of Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha Rokeya Kabir, the meeting also spoke, amon others, by Prof Moshiuzzaman, Dr Md Bin Kashem Deen, Prof Salma Akhter, Prof Syeda Tahmina Akhter, Prof Dr Siddiqur Rahman, Dr Momtaj Shahana, Dr Dibalok Singh and Dr DM Firoz Shah.

The speakers said the campaign on proper education should be carried out even in the virtual world along with regular curriculum of the students.
They also prosed to make the education of reproductive health mandatory for each student.