POST TIME: 23 February, 2020 09:46:15 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 24 February, 2020 04:25:58 PM
RAB nabs four including Papiya
RAB raided houses of Papiya and seized Tk 58.41 lakh cash among other things

RAB nabs four including Papiya

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has detained four members of a fake currency gang, including Shamima Nur Papiya, general secretary of the Narsingdi Zila Jubo Mohila League, and seized counterfeit currencies of various countries from their possession, at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA).

The detainees are Shamima Nur Papiya, 28, her husband, Mofizur Rahman Chowdhury Sumon, 38, and their associates Sabbir Khandokar, 29, and Sheikh Tayeba, 22.

Following her arrest, Papiya was ousted from her position of the secretary of the Mohila Jubo League in Narsingdi. On Saturday, the RAB detained Papiya after she was apprehended at HSIA with her associates around 11:30 am. “They were trying to flee to India,” said RAB-1 commanding officer Shafi Ullah Bulbul at a press conference at the battalion’s Karwan Bazar media centre on the same day.

The RAB yesterday recovered a large amount of illegal money, as well as weapons, ammunition and alcohol, following raids on Papiya’s houses in both Dhaka and Narsingdi.

At another press briefing, Shafi Ullah said the RAB recovered a foreign-made pistol, two magazines, 20 rounds of bullets, five bottles of foreign liquor, Tk. 58.41 lakh in cash, five passports, three cheques, foreign currencies and 10 ATM cards of different private banks from Papiya’s Indira Road residence.

“Primary interrogation revealed that Papiya has two luxury flats in Farmgate and Narsingdi, two plots in Narsingdi city worth Tk. 2 crores, and four luxury cars,” the RAB said. Papiya and her husband Sumon lured people with the promise of giving them jobs in Railway Police and the police force. They earned Tk. 11 lakh through this scam. They also earned Tk. 35 lakh under the pretext of providing illegal gas connections and Tk. 29 lakh under the pretext of giving licences for CNG pumps. "Papiya’s husband helped her wife and also owns a bar in Thailand. He engaged in unethical work with the help of his wife and forced poor women from remote areas in the district to do such work,” added the RAB.

The elite force also recovered counterfeit currency from their possession during their detention, said Shafi Ullah. The RAB official claimed that Papiya was involved in arms dealing, drug trading, extortion and cheating. “Her husband Sumon helped her in such work. Moreover, a luxury room at the Westin Hotel in the Gulshan area was always booked in her name,” the official added. Papiya used to run a prostitution racket with seven girls in the Westin Hotel. She used to pay them Tk. 30,000 a month.