POST TIME: 6 April, 2020 11:31:30 PM
BGMEA urges members to pay workers’ salaries

BGMEA urges members to pay workers’ salaries

The Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers' and Exporter's Association (BGMEA) has urged its members to quickly clear the salaries of their workers for March. It has also said that the decision to stop production in industrial units until April 11 would remain unchanged.

BGMEA secretary Mohammad Addur Razzak revealed this in a press statement issued yesterday. A number of industrial units have already issued notices on the basis of this statement. Fatullah Apparel Ltd, a Fatullah-based garments factory, asked its workers whether they would like to continue working. “Workers who have panicked by COVID-19 can resign from their work or can continue their jobs. We will pay their salaries according to their attendance,” it said.

In another message, BGMEA president Rubana Huq urged garments owners to pay the salaries of their workers for March as soon as possible.

“The decision to keep the factories closed remains unchanged. I urge factory owners to shut their units until April 11 amid the coronavirus outbreak,” she said.

“I request all the factory owners to quickly clear the salaries of their workers for March. We have already launched a special cell to help workers,” she added.

On March 26, the BGMEA had urged its members to keep garments factories shut till April 4 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

In an open letter to its members, Rubana Huq had urged garments factory owners to keep their units closed following the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's directives to avoid the risk of a coronavirus spread. However, on April 4, thousands of garments workers, who had left Dhaka after the government declared a general holiday from March 26, started returning to the capital. Many of them said they feared losing jobs if they failed to show up for work.

Facing criticism from different quarters, the BGMEA urged the owners to keep their factories closed until April 11 to help tackle the spread of the coronavirus. Rubana Huq made the request considering the overall situation.