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Postponement of Premier League Clubs caught off guard over foreign booters
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Postponement of Premier League
Clubs caught off guard over foreign booters

Lockdown over coronavirus and subsequent postponement of Premier League have caught all the clubs of Bangladesh Premier League Football off guard over foreign booters who can’t leave Bangladesh for their home country.

A total of 66 foreign footballers and some 10 to12 foreign coaches including coaching stuff, who signed for the 13 different clubs of the season, most of them are in Dhaka under the auspices of their respective clubs. 

But some of the clubs are facing huge trouble to provide them with daily expenditure, like house rents or hotel tariffs, daily allowances and foods. 

While talking to The Independent online on Friday Manager of the Brothers Union Club Amer Khan said that they have been passing the days under immense trouble to run clubs’ overhead costs as it turned tough to mobilise funds. 

Amer Khan said, “You know here none of the clubs have their own income sources, they have to depend fully on the donation from the well-heeled. But due to lockdown caused by the COVID-19 the donators are also in deep trouble and we are really under a critical situation.” 

Amer Khan informed that by this time their German Coach Reza Parkas and Nigerian player Nkowcha Kingsley have already left Dhaka and some other foreign players are also very much eager to go home.  

“Our German coach Reza has already left Dhaka last Friday and the players of some other countries are very much eager to go home to their family,” he added.

“We have two Uzbek players, one each from Ivory Coast, Nigerian, and Cameroon all are very much passing their days with anxiety with their family and ready to go their home but due to availability of flights they are forced to stay back here.”

“Among the booters, only Nigerian Nkowcha Kingsley could leave Dhaka for the USA to his family with a chartered flight and rest are waiting for available flights,” informed Amer.

Amer also said that the Uzbek players Vali Jonov Otabek and Tuychibayen Murodjon and Jean Ikanga of Cameroon can’t leave, as the flight of respective countries yet to start. 

“Actually, we are trying heart and soul to manage flight for their departures but the player of the Ivory Coast Lancine Toure is in more trouble as there is no embassy of the in Dhaka,” the Brothers manager said. 

“Toure (Ivory Coast) turns emotional when he received calls from his mother and family members, really it is very painful,” said Amer. 

Meanwhile, all the three Japanese players, Norito of Muktijodha, Yusuke Kato of Sheikh Jamal and Uryu Nagata of Mohammedan have already left Dhaka on April 30.