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Limited-scale cricket operations likely from June 1

Limited-scale cricket operations likely from June 1

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Country’s cricket operations authority Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) is contemplating the idea of resuming cricket operations on a limited scale – thereby maintaining the government’s guidelines and health instructions from early next month.

Although the BCB officials are yet to make the possible timeframe public, the board insiders suggest that a section of their employees have been informed to report at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur on June 1.

Admitting to the idea of resuming limited-scale cricket operations, BCB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nizamuddin Chowdhury on Friday said that they were planning to restart soon their operations albeit on a limited scale.

“We expect to begin our operations partially. Initially, we’ll not be attending the office and we’ve got used to doing the bulk of work from our home,” he said.
But, he said, “We want to move away from this in a limited way and as our work is comparatively less important compared to some other offices, we can start the process rather slowly.”

While talking to The Independent over phone, Chowdhury added, “We don’t have any rush to start our full activities right away. We know the entire situation that we are in and what’s going on around us.”

It’s announced from the government that the ongoing unofficial lockdown and general holidays will not see an extension after May 30. Initially, the government declared a 10-day general holiday that continued up until now eventually getting extended seven times in the wake of sharp increase in the number of deadly coronavirus-infected people.

However, the government recently said it’ll allow public transport services like buses, trains, launches and flights to restart operations on a limited scale from May 31. All the public and private offices will also reopen from May 31, maintaining necessary government guidelines and health instructions.

Australia has planned to return to cricket with their T20 tournament, scheduled to take place on June 6. West Indies players have started their practice after seeing the English cricketers for their next series.

In comparison, Asian teams like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are lagging behind as they are yet to start their formal activities, but they now plan to resume soon.
In that case, the opinions of the players will get top priority. The BCB CEO said they will take their opinions before taking games to the field.
“It won’t work what we or clubs want, rather what the players say is important. We’ve to take players’ opinions to start domestic or international games. We’ve to know first what they want. We’ll organise games in a planned way if the players give consent,” he said.

Although the government gave directives to ply public transport on a limited scale from May 31, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is yet to give any directive to resume domestic sports.

Chowdhury said they will not make any hurry to resume activities. “The government may observe the situation after giving permission to ply public transport on a limited scale. And then, they will provide necessary directives to resume domestic sporting activities. In that case, it may take one-two weeks, meaning that it’s not possible to go for sporting activities before mid-June.”

Echoing the sentiment, BCB Chief Physician Dr Debashis Chowdhury said, “Resuming domestic cricket is something being thought of as per the suggestions and guidelines of the International Cricket Council (ICC). We’ll continue our works to get required directives from the board.”
But apparently, he viewed, starting before mid-June is not possible.