POST TIME: 26 June, 2020 06:46:51 PM
Walton IPO with high EPS in capital market
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Walton IPO with high EPS in capital market

Walton Hi-Tech Industries (WHIL) is going to be listed in the capital market with a very high Earnings Per Share (EPS) recorded during the Initial Public Offering (IPO). 

Compared to the listed companies’ EPS disclosed in their previous year’s financial statements, the electronics giant’s EPS of Tk 45.87 is in the top eighth position, said a press release.

Walton’s EPS was higher than that of some listed multinational companies like Berger Paints and Grameenphone.

On the other hand, Walton EPS is the second highest compared to listed local companies’ last financial year’s EPS.  

Walton’s Company Secretary Partha Protim Das said, investors generally get their expected profits as capital gains or dividends from the investment in high EPS recorded companies.

Capital market analyst Prof Abu Ahmed said, Walton’s overall business performance is very sound.

“Listing of the company’s securities in the stock market will have a positive impact in strengthening the market,” he added.

According to the EPS disclosed by the capital market’s listed companies in their last financial year’s statements, Reckitt Benckiser’s EPS Tk 131.06 was the highest and the followings were Marico Bangladesh Ltd’s EPS Tk 84.01, GlaxoSmithKline EPS Tk 81.83, Linde BD’s EPS TK 80.93, Bata Shoe’s EPS 72.79, British American Tobacco’s EPS Tk 51.37, Renata’s EPS 46.63 and then Walton’s EPS Tk 45.87.

Among the listed companies, which had higher EPS than that of Walton, the lowest prices of the shares of Bata Shoe was Tk 693.20. Considering the facts, the general investors of the IPO will get Walton’s each share at only Tk 252.

MA Hafiz, director of AAA Finance and Investment Limited, said that Walton’s EPS is the highest he has ever seen during the IPO of a company.

Capital market experts said that EPS is a very good indicator of the profitability of any organisation.

EPS is an important measure of management performance as it shows how much money the company is making for it’s shareholders.