POST TIME: 23 July, 2020 05:14:42 PM
Bashundhara to be bolstered by 3 more LatAm booters

Bashundhara to be bolstered by 3 more LatAm booters

Three Latin American booters are expecting to join Hernan Barcos, another LatAm footballer playing for Bashundhara Kings, ahead of the club’s AFC Cup matches to be held in October and November in Maldives.

Marketing and Media Manager of the Bashundhara Kings Ahmed Shaaek informed The Independent on Tuesday that they have already made a short list of 10 players out of 20 profiles they received.

Shaeek also shared about their satisfaction with the venue of the matches when the AFC approved Maldives teams as the host for rest of their matches.  

The Bangladesh champions Bashundhara also happy to have a big financial support from the AFC for travelling and 15 days’ cost of staying there, as Shaaek informed.

About recruitment of three foreign booters Shaaek said, “We actually prefer the Latin American booters and most probably three players from Latin for three positions will be included.”

“We are expecting to let you know through a video presentation, as we usually watch the English Clubs announce their new recruitments,” said Shaaek.

About the central venue for the matches, when AFC offered Maldives team Maziya and TC Sports Club, the Media manager said, “In fact, as we did not compete in the bidding to be the hosts, we told the AFC about choice that we prefer Maldives rather than India.”

“We choose Maldives, as usually there some problems with foreign players’ visa; so, Maldives is better choice for us,” Shaaek said.

Meanwhile, Bashundhara Kings will have a big support USD 1,30,000 when the AFC will provide USD 40,000 to each touring clubs to travel to host country and USD 90,000 each for their accommodation during the competitions.   

Meanwhile, the AFC after the postponement of the competitions due to COVID-19 pandemic took the decision to organise the matches in one central venue concerning the teams travel one country to another during this difficult situation.  

Maldives teams were selected as host when none but their Maziya Sports and Recreation Club and TC Sports Club participated in the bid to be the hosts who also fulfilled all the criteria required by the AFC to be the hosts. 

Apart from Maldives’ clubs, Bashindhara Kings of Bangladesh and Chennai City FC of India are the two other teams of Group E.

According to the fresh schedules, Bashundhara will take on Maziya on October 23 and November 4, Chennai City FC on October 26 and October 29 in double leg when they play the TC Sports on November 1, as the first leg match of two teams was held in March in Dhaka and Kings won by 5-1. All the matches will be held in two stadiums — National Stadium and Addu Stadium. 

The AFC also instructed the teams to reach the venues four days before the kick off date and the members of the teams will have to undergo the Covid-19 test before after arrival and before the departure which will be maintained by the hosts Maldives at the cost of AFC.