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Jada by Moushumi Kabir x Aadi
Noorjahan sraboni

Jada by Moushumi Kabir x Aadi

Moushumi Kabir

A one of a kind woman who stands out, someone as easy to find in a crowd as a rose among nettles. Resilient in making a statement, she is not afraid of anyone. A woman who is smart, beautiful and confident, that is what Jada means’, she says. She continues, ‘I believe women are not meant to sit still and look pretty -they are meant to lead empires’

Moushumi Kabir, who is the brilliant mind behind Jada’s divine work of art. Sets her journey as a fashion entrepreneur after completing her degree of law from England in 2016. Once she was done fulfilling the expectations of her family, she began her journey with Jada and she says that it is when she truly felt that she was being herself. Besides being a mom to her beloved son, she devotes herself to designing the exclusive pieces for her patrons.

Growing up she was often praised for her artistic flair and her unique sense of style, she says ‘I always had a passion for art, from nature to the sky, everything emboldens me to design’. Her own wedding shopping inspired her to start off a boutique where people could find their dream wedding outfits without having to go abroad. She says, ‘I was baffled by the lack of wedding outfit designers in Bangladesh where as our country has been producing the finest of fabrics with work of great artisans for decades’. she continues, ‘that is when I opened Jada, to orchestrate proper justice to our rich heritage and cultural artifact with relevance to modern time to best suit our brides to be’.

Quotation: “Women are not meant to sit still and look pretty -they are meant to lead empires'

All the brilliant designers around the globe along with the designers from Bangladesh are her inspiration.

‘Initially my designs were mostly bridal, later we had expanded our collection due to increasing demand for casual attires.

Now we provide our dearest clients with divergence of clothing apparels, from bridal gowns to party wears as well as casual attires. Jada believes in customization, yielding unmatchable level of content and satisfaction to take it up the notch for our esteemed patrons’, she says with utmost enthusiasm.

Jada by Moushumi Kabir, specializes in flaunting the beauty of local resources be it artisans or fabrics with a fusion. She focuses to bring forth the creativity to make a masterpiece from intricate embroidery to handcrafted zardozi details on carefully picked fabrics. Her designs cover a diverse range of colors - sorbet pastels to ultramarine blue, she does not compromise. She implies.

‘Dhaka and only Dhaka produce the finest of muslin, a cloth truly “woven out of air”. It thrills me to experiment with our local traditional fabrics, such as muslin, soft desi cotton, khadi, the purest of silk etc. Yes, I could have used imported and expensive cloths, but that would ruin its authenticity.’


Unraveling the stories and relentless endeavor of our craftsmanship

Ethical practices are growing rapidly from high streets brand to couture house that are embracing these practices and incorporating it in their collection.

As a developing country, Bangladesh had progressed immensely. Many philanthrope NGO’s, including BRAC, BaSE who created a platform for thousands of women artisans to flourish nationwide crafting their way out of poverty, made female labor force rise upto 80%. However, our national poverty rate of 21.8% is still an indication that we still have a long way to go. Our country is the second largest exporter of garments in the world, it is our main source of foreign exchange for the past 25 years. Yet women working for the garments industry, are not paid enough for a proper sustenance. Furthermore, dignified women, still in many villages are not even being able to access basic necessities of life, due to the lack of job facilities in those rural areas.