POST TIME: 13 October, 2020 01:57:54 PM
How to deal with the epidemic of rape
Many of these criminals remain under the umbrella of socially or politically influential quarters. As a result, the police often procrastinate taking action against them. Although they were caught by the police, they came out of the court on bail a few days later and started committing crimes in new enthusiasm
Dr Mohammad Didare Alam Muhsin

How to deal with the epidemic of rape

As if a festival of rape has started all over the country. Thanks to the media, every day one or more reports of rape and abuse of women are coming from some or other part of the country. Some of the incidents are so horrific that people from all walks of life are stunned.

So, why did these crimes suddenly increase? Have the incidents really increased or they are coming more in the media? At a certain time both electronic and print media were limited in number. Moreover, with the emergence of social media, people now can easily share any event in the virtual world at any moment. Added to this is the wide availability of audio-visual technology. Now a great majority of people have smartphones in their hands. That has made it so simple to catch the pictures or videos of an event. However, many feel that this type of crime has really increased.

If you have a look at recent rape cases, you can divide them into two broad categories. One is that some spoiled teenagers, youngsters or professional criminals abuse school-college or university-going teenagers, working women or housewives on the streets, on public transport, and sometimes even attack them at home. There are allegations that many of these criminals are under the umbrella of socially or politically influential quarters. As a result, the police often procrastinate taking action against them. Although they were caught by the police, they came out of the court on bail a few days later and started committing crimes in new enthusiasm. Besides, even if there were a case, it took a long time to be settled. As a result, there is always a sense of insecurity in the victim. This discourages the victim from pursuing lawsuits.

Therefore, the first thing that is needed to prevent such crimes is to ensure that the terrorists do not get the patronage of the influential quarters. It should be kept in mind that a very small part of the total population of the country is involved in such crimes. If there is no shadow of the influential quarters and law enforcement agencies are given the opportunity to work fearlessly and independently, these criminals will not even find a rat hole to hide. The legal community also has an opportunity to play an important role in controlling these criminals. If lawyers decide not to fight the case on behalf of the 'sure culprits' as they did in case of the Sylhet MC College incident, it will be difficult for these criminals to come out on bail after being arrested. If these two strategies are applied simultaneously, the morale of the criminals will be broken. They will realize that nobody will come forward to save them. In this situation, the peace-loving people of the society, who are the majority, will also extend a helping hand with courage to suppress them. Otherwise, no matter how strict the law is framed, the perpetrators will remain out of reach. Crime will increase, and so the cases. Innocent people will have to look to the heavens only to get rid of this darkness.

The second type of rape occurs mainly as a result of emotional intercourse between teenager boys and girls. Boys and girls of this age have a strong attraction towards the opposite sex. Many pair up and hang out together. In some cases, the relationship develops to a level that is not socially acceptable. In our country girls are still much more conservative. So, most girls do not want to get involved in this kind of relationship. But some boys annoy girls (especially if they are pretty) in such a way that they are forced to say yes at one point. Some boys even use force because they are politically or otherwise influential. Sometimes these relationships do not last. One side cuts off or wants to do at its own discretion or under the pressure of the Guardian. And that's when the trouble started. The other party feels cheated, desperately tries to repair the relationship by showing emotion or complaining here and there. Sometimes success comes, but at other times it ends with violent consequences.

Society in this country has not yet recognized the socially unacceptable level of intimacy between boys and girls. It goes without saying that such a relationship is unlikely to be recognized in the near future. So, it's time for us to think coldly about what to do. One of the most common principles in medical science is: prevention is better than cure. I can't say for sure if the same would go with social science.

Boys and girls will cross the line when it comes to having relationship and we'll just keep watching; if an accident happens later, we will create chaos in the society and will go to the police station, courthouse   --- it cannot be an acceptable policy. When an accident happens, many people squeeze out their responsibility simply by scolding the character of the boy or girl, especially the girl, shouting boo boo at them, and harshly criticizing their parents.

But, why? Doesn't have the society any responsibility? Does everything happen within the knowledge of parents? Is it possible for parents to monitor constantly what their children are doing at school, college, or university? Is the responsibility of the educational institution only to teach and take exams? Is it not the responsibility of the educational institution to protect students from moral degradation, monitor their behaviour and activities, and take steps to correct them if necessary? Parents leave their children in the hands of teachers to make them human. If the academy fails to correct a spoiled child, it will call the guardian if necessary and show them the problems of the children. Society and institutions must take responsibility to protect children from such incidents. Otherwise, this trend of moral decay will continue.

May Allah save us!

The writer is a professor of pharmacy, Jahangirnagar University