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Not real politicians but plotters against people's politics

BNP has already declared their programme of anti-government movement which has started from 3rd October
Abdul Gaffar choudhury
Not real politicians but plotters against people's politics

Last week we witnessed a big gathering at Suhrawardy Uddayn arranged by BNP. Many people expected that it will be a mammoth gathering.

But some of those who attended the gathering speculated that there were no more than 50,000 people. After a year BNP has arranged this gathering in Suhrawardy Uddayn but failed to prove the mass support they claim very loudly. Now their explanation is that the government has arrested their thousands of leaders and workers and the police also imposed 20 conditions to hold this meeting. That's why the turn out did not fulfil their expectation. But the reality is that the Gono Jagoran Moncho in their very bad time assembled more than 3 lakhs people in their meetings. BNP failed to attract a large number of citizens on Sunday in spite of their claim that the public are angry with the present government and they are supporting BNP unitedly. They also claim that if there is a free and fair general election today then Awami League will be wiped out from Bangladesh politics.
They could not prove their claim and some observers suspect that compared to BNP’s previous meetings, Jamaat's presence was much less this time. Therefore, despite Jamaat's cadres and workers attending the gathering in large numbers, they could not save BNP's face. Another aspect that surprised many people is that only a few days ago BNP leaders joined the newly formed united front and yet they did not invite the leaders of UF to come to their gathering. The BNP leaders joined united front's meeting very recently and it was announced that the unity between the two is imminent. One of the Front leader's claimed, 'We are already united. Only the formalities remain to be followed'. But it was a very short lasting honeymoon. This Sunday’s gathering and the declaration of the program of anti-government movement shows that BNP wants to go alone. It was thought Front and BNP will not go for movement jointly but side by side simultaneously. Now this possibility appears to be very remote.

Now nobody knows what the future of the proposed unity between BNP and the Front is. Front declared their first move is to consult the professionals and the prominent citizens of the country about the process of the movement. But before this so-called consultation started the big leader Dr. Kamal Hossain suddenly left the country with the excuse of the treatment for his knee. The other leader, Dr. Badruddoza Chowdhury suddenly became ill and could not attend the 'historic first meeting' of national unity. He and his son put a condition for getting united with BNP that BNP should declare that they do not have any open or secret connection with Jamaat. Otherwise, there will be no unity. Though Dr. Kamal Hossain came from a secular political background and was very vocal against Jamaat once, now it seems that his attitude has softened towards them. Some political observers think that there may have been an unseen rift between the two leaders of the Front which may spread very quickly.

On the other hand, BNP has already declared their program of anti-government movement which has started from 3rd October last Wednesday. The program, as announced was to have a mass gathering at district towns, and put memorandum to the district administrations. On the next day the same program means a mass gathering and a memorandum submitted to the divisional authority. So far I have got the news from the district and divisional headquarters that a 'mass gathering' was held without the presence of the mass and the memorandums containing BNP's old demands were put to the authorities. The authority also received the memorandums smilingly. So far this has been a Gandhi-type movement but without mass support.

Mirza Abbas, a BNP leader also said something which indicates that they did not care for the unity with joint united front or the so-called process of national unity. He said on Sunday's gathering, 'There is a talk of unity, I do not know whether it will be a success. Whether there will be unity or not BNP will go alone for the movement'. Now the question is that in the past BNP could not organize a mass movement but resorted to violence and terrorism that failed miserably. Now suddenly if they become the toothless tiger of fairy tales who would believe them? I do not believe their mass movement will be successful. The only way for them to survive is to organize mass support for them with a realistic election manifesto and join the election with good and honest candidates. If their candidates are good and honest than Awami League's there is still hope. Even if they cannot win the power they will be the strongest opposition in the next parliament.

Kazi Mohammad Idris was a renowned journalist and editor of Bangladesh in the latter part of the last century. He wrote a book titled All the faces are known. Once he wrote a story that some people in a village formed a league of honesty claiming that they were the only honest people in their area where most of the population were corrupt and dishonest. They formed a league to fight the corruption and dishonesty in the village. Within a few days police raided that area getting information that some of criminals were hiding there. They came and spotted that the members of the league of honesty were those criminals who were wanted by police for different serious crimes. They were hiding under the masks of pious people who had come there to clean the society.

The police officer pointed out to the leader of the league and exclaimed, 'Oh you are here! We have been searching for you for killing at least 10 people and raping 30 women'. The gang was arrested.

If Kazi Mohammad Idris was alive today, seeing the leaders of the united front he could have said without any fear, 'Oh, you are here! You were rejected by people in different general elections in the past.

How could you believe that people will trust you and vote for you in the next election when in the past some of you were rejected by the people not once but several times? You have no unity among yourselves. Some of you came from secular backgrounds and some of you from communal background. One or two were involved in terrorism after the liberation of Bangladesh.

You have no unity among yourselves, how can you unify the whole nation against an elected, democratic government?' Kazi Mohammad Idris has left us a long time ago. In present Bangladesh we feel his absence to tear the mask of the so-called unity and tell the people that they are not real politicians but a bunch of schemers who are now engaged in plotting against democracy and secularism.

 London, Thursday 04 October, 2018


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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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