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The darkest episode of nation

The enemies of independence tried to destroy Awami League and Bangladesh through the brutal 15 August and 3rd November killings of 1975
The darkest episode of nation

Nation mourns the brutal prison (Jail) killing. Killing is a heinous act which is forbidden in all religion.

It spoils civilization and humanity is distorted. In Bangladesh, 1975 became the year of leader killings. In the month of August, our father of the nation Bangabandhu was brutally killed with his family members. And in the month of November, four leaders were also killed. These killing were very fatal, very inhuman and heart rendering in the history of nation as well as the world. It can't be accepted by any civilized society. This is indeed the black tragedy for which nation always mourn for it, raise strong protest against such stupid and nonsense activity and express vehemently hatreds.
The conspirators and the enemies of independence tried to vanish Awami League and Bangladesh through the brutal 15 August and 3rd November   killings of 1975. Sheikh Hasina came back to Bangladesh in 1981 and took the responsibility of organizing Awami League. The killers had several attempts to kill Sheikh Hasina but they were not successful. Rather by her leadership Awami League came to power long after 21 years. Sheikh Hasina is not only leader of Bangladesh but also she has been proclaimed as a world leader.

The four leaders all were tested. They didn't compromise with any injustice and undue. They all had the philosophy to build a good, self-reliant, happy and prosperous Bangladesh. Being inspired by the self less ideal of Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman they all maintained the highest honesty, sanctity and above all the patriotic felling. We are pained because of their brutal murder. They were the favorite political leaders whose personalities were so amiable that they were liked by each one of us. After 41 years, it is indeed difficult to believe that they are no more among us.

Humanist at heart, their humility, simplicity, infectious positive spirit, who reached out to the powerful and the powerless with the same amplitude changed the contours of the desks of Cabinet of Ministers led by Bangabandhu and they deserve title of the "People's Politicians." Nation will always be in debt for their contributions. Their deaths have caused an irreparable loss to the nation. They discharged their responsibilities to perfection and to the admiration of all. They were rooted to the ground and were humble even when they occupied the top posts in the country. They are the most respected political leaders in Bangladesh's history. Years of their struggles brought plenty of highs for the country. Their murders are a great loss to humanity. The enemies thought that the dust has settled to a great degree and news has died off on the case. That the party set up by those patriotic, public-spirited men, the enemies also thought that their assassination will cease to exist as a serious political force. But it was a miscalculation that recoils on its makers or for those mischievous culprits. It is proved that the names of those golden sons will live on, as will the spirit of the party organization.

Their death is truly a loss to mankind which sorely needs the living light of those ideals of love and tolerance for which they strove and died. In our hour of deep sorrow Bangladesh is proud to have given to the world men of their imperishable renown and we are confident that their example will be a source of inspiration and strength. Dr. Rupak Bhattacharjee has aptly said : "The brutal killing of four nationalist leaders in captivity constitutes one of the darkest chapters of Bangladesh's turbulent political history."Jail Killing Day is one of the darkest episodes of our nation. The nation lost few of the best of our leaders on that day. Yet after all these years, we still haven't done anything to bring the culprits to justice. Shame on us." Their death is also world loss.

It is not the time to speak as it is an occasion of mourning. Let us weep. Let the nation weep and wipe off from its soul the stain of the innocent blood of the greatest men the world has ever produced. We must follow the path shown by them. They were born in Bangladesh with a specific mission, either to do or die. They did a lot and in the end they laid down their lives for what they wished to do. Let us now accomplish the sacred task that has been left undone by them.

Let us learn from the lips of death the lessons of life. Let us live truly while we live, live for what is true and good and lasting. And let the memory of our dead help us to do this. For, they are not wholly separated from us, if we remain loyal to them. In spirit they are with us. And we may think of them as silent, invisible, but real presences in our households.

After killing of the father of the nation, the conspirators were continuing coup, counter coup and making the politics mostly unstable and above all creating anarchy, chaos, conflicts and confrontations in the society.

The anti independent and anti-liberation enemies didn't accept our sovereignty and independence. So all patriotic person must be united with the spirit of liberation war and must face all ill design and root out the evil and all blue printers from society. There are flatterers within the party also who exploit our leader. They should be identified warned and driven out. These ugly & unfair games need to be stopped. For these killings, the nation had to pay a lot. The loss is irreparable. So it is better later than never.

Time has come that present leader must be tested and must earn hundred percent confidence with the patriotic feeling. Moreover, the leader must be loyal to prime minister and on her leadership. The prison killing till today appear before us with much of pain and panic. It was so fearful and dreadful that normal life came to a halt. It trembles the inner world and gets a man or woman dry by moments. many questions are still far behind which are yet to come to light.   

The writer is a regular contributor to The Independent



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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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