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Capitalism’s last bite on humanity

In many ways global capitalism is losing its human face and becoming a patron of all social evils
Abdul Gaffar choudhury
Capitalism’s last bite on humanity

We are now passing through a vicious era of knife and drug crimes, gang rapes and other big and small crimes. Notably these crimes are not limited in developed or developing countries, but have flooded the most developed countries like Britain, France and America. 48 years ago when Bangladesh won its independence after a year long bloodbath, the situation of law and order was very bad. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib, was the Prime Minister of Bangladesh then. When he went to New York to attend the UN conference he was asked by several American reporters that why his government could not restore law and order and could not prevent the daily killings, lootings and raping of women in the capital city also.
Bangabandhu replied, "Just after war what can you expect in a war devastated country? What happened in Paris just after liberation?" Our effort to rebuild the country and reconstruct the society is better than that". This was accepted even by the French philosopher Andre Malraux who visited Bangladesh after independence. Bangabandhu further said to the reporters, "Gentleman tell me honestly your America is the most civilized and developed country in the world. Still how many people are being killed daily in the streets of New York by street gangs and other criminals? But in Bangladesh just after a war the killing and other crimes in Dhaka is much lesser than New York. Do you agree with me?" Bangabandhu did not get a proper answer from them.

A few years ago when the so called Islamic terrorism swept the whole world irrespective of developed or developing countries, it struck Bangladesh also. There was hue and cry in the western capitals that Hasina government was not capable of confronting terrorism and ensuring public safety. In reality Hasina government in Bangladesh defeated the so-called Islamic terrorists along with other social criminals more quickly than the western countries. Especially, the western police and intelligence who are more developed and more equipped than developing countries are still fighting against terrorists without much success. Still the Jihadists are active in the western countries. Even a single Christian terrorist in NewZealand killed 49 people in a single attack in two mosques.

The most serious epidemic that is sweeping the whole city of London now is knife crime. Criminals are mostly teenagers and very young people. The most organized British police are in an embarrassing position for their inability to defeat this crime. Now the city is, according to the British media- a city of nightmares. Every day there are reports of half a dozen knife killings, some of which are racist attacks and some are drug related crimes. Now it has reached its peak and British media agreed that this is now a national emergency. A knife crime becomes more dangerous when it is associated with drug trade and gang rapes. All three crimes are related with knife killings.

Every day the number of these killings are increasing dangerously and the government alerted people about this horror situation. I told a British journalist friend, "If a government in developing countries, like Bangladesh with less capacity and less success take longer to defeat any crime you blame that country's government, but when the most expert and equipped police of your country takes more time your criticism of them is soft and defensive. The knife crime is at its peak now and for the last three years it has swept your country. It is like the Brexit crisis. In both the cases your government is a failed government. What is your answer to that? This journalist  answered sincerely and said, "This is the curse Capitalism, created by greed and violence".

British Police said that the huge cuts in Police expenditure and other sectors like education, health and home are the root causes for the downfall of moral and social values of the country. The capitalist government of the country are spending money on unnecessary wars but continue to cut money for the welfare of people at every sector, that has affected the social order and values. Poverty has affected the society so much that a paper like The Daily Telegraph, a supporter of the conservative party wrote a few years ago, "Britain is now a country with one economy like the third world countries and it can be branded as motorized Bangladesh". After reading this comment now I think that Bangladesh is quickly recovering from social ills and Britain is losing its enviable position and power in the present world.

Britain is now suffering from moral decadence. But this decadence started from the Thatcher-Regan era in the western world. Their Reganomics, reduced people's welfare by greed and policy of plundering. The fall of socialism and the rise of global capitalism and its discriminatory policy makes the rich richer and poor poorer. The two consecutive conservative governments in Britain in the name of austerity cut all the basic welfare benefits for the ordinary people. The creeping poverty in the British society has created an atmosphere where gang of criminals were born, gradually organized themselves and started recruiting their team members as young as 12 year old children.

A councillor of the Camden Borough said, "The children being groomed into dealing should be treated as victims. It's destroying those young lives. It's a pathway to criminality, violence and self-destruction. For many of those young children their lives will never be the same." The media is worried as increased number of children are being kidnapped by the gang of criminals and are being allured by money and other things into criminality. Those recruited youngsters suddenly leave their home and when they come back they are totally different people secretly engaged in drugs trade. They always carry knife and sometimes if there is any clash between them they use knives freely. They also attack innocent people without any rhyme and reason. To them it is not a crime but a popular game. They are also being used in gang rapes and in other offenses.

Now in London there are so many syndicate of criminals and each of the syndicate is grooming children who come out from their home by the persuasion of these syndicates and get involved in different criminal activities under their direction. Once they are brain washed by these criminal gangs they cannot come back to their homes disassociating with the criminals. If they try in most cases they are killed. The developed capitalist countries do not go to the roots of these social ills. They make the law more stringent to uproot the criminals but pay no attention to the cause of criminality, because that will destroy the capitalist society which is based on greed and exploitation of the ordinary people.

With the rise of global capitalism it is losing its human face and becoming a patron of all social evils. Superficially, they are fighting the criminals but in reality they are creating and patronizing all social ills. They are the powers who are exporting all these crimes for developing and underdeveloped countries also. So long they were benefitting from these anti-people and anti-human policy but in the last phase of the decaying capitalism their policy is becoming a Frankenstein for them. Without killing this Frankenstein neither the developed nor the developing world will be free from this curse and humanity will be free from crime and poverty.

London, Thursday 04 April, 2019


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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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