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Is coronavirus man-made?

Doctors say there is no remedy for this virus at present. In China, Italy and Britain, people who are suspected of being infected by this virus are quarantined
Abdul Gaffar choudhury
Is coronavirus man-made?

Now the whole world is in the grip of Coronavirus. It started in China and has very speedily spread all over the world.

The worst affected country is China itself and in Europe Italy is also affected. It has spread all over Asia and Europe, and Africa is taking precautionary measures. Britain is in alarm. Even in the school where the children of the royal family attend, pupil are kept in self-isolation after a class trip to Italy. One media agency OMD which has 350 staff in the UK, Fitzrovia London, has evacuated all staff because an employee fell ill after coming back from Australia via Singapore. The Wold Health Organization called on the countries around the globe to prepare for the arrival of COVID-19 and America said that a pandemic is now likely. The stock Market fell again. More than £2.5 trillion has been wiped off the value of shares globally. With more and more cases are being confirmed in Asia and Europe and the first case in South America, Brazil diagnosed medical scientists are trying to identify the source of Coronavirus and ways to prevent it.
Doctors say there is no remedy for this virus at present. In China, Italy and Britain, people who are suspected of being infected by this virus are quarantined. No plane is coming from or going to China and its trade has almost collapsed. In London, the great China town is abandoned. Chinese restaurants are closed. One Chinese was assaulted in London and his English attacker told him," Go back to your country with your virus". Newspapers report that coronavirus is strengthening its hold across the globe. Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore are affected. Bangladesh is also taking precaution against this virus. The virus is spreading in Austria, Croatia and mainland Switzerland. Though the number of deaths are not very high in different countries, but the prediction is that this virus will take the lives of approximately 3-4 lakhs people. The most dangerous thing is that the global communication by train, airline and ships have now virtually stopped and people who frequently travel are now increasingly under strict observation and sometimes quarantined for health checks. It seems that after political globalization the pandemic has also become global. Nobody knows when and how this virus attack which is more dangerous than any atomic explosion will stop.

The source of this virus is still claimed to be China's Wuhan province. It has affected China dangerously. Though it will affect the whole world, China is the worst victim. Its whole economy and trade which has been a competitor to the super power America is going to be damaged. It might be temporary but Chinese goods have lost its worldwide market. The trade war between America and China is going to be reversed. America will gain mostly. This economic set back will affect China's economic dominance and its near-superpower status also. The medical and general scientists could not yet find the source and reason of this disease and its prevention. When there was worldwide terrorism by the IS the entire world was united against it. Now the coronavirus has compelled the world to be untied again as it is a more dangerous enemy. There are many speculations among ordinary people and rumours are also spreading very quickly. Though there is no basis of these rumors we can discuss it without claiming any responsibility that they are true.

Apart from the rumours one thing is sure that this crisis is man-made. If we believe the rumour then COVID-19 is a political virus also. Recently a western medical scientist Dr. Goodman said in an interview- 'We live in the polluted century' and described and explained how we risk killing ourselves with man-made toxins. She said that after industrial revolution the industrialists have filled the world with so many products including women's perfume which are full of toxins. They captured the whole world market and knowingly for their greed for making more profit are keeping the people ignorant about this danger. Another scientist said that the Capitalist lords are using scientists not for the well-being of humanity but to destroy it. The scientists invented atomic power for the well-being of humanity. But superpowers immediately captured them and used atomic powers to destroy human civilization. Einstein, knowing this intention of the western capitalist rulers denied the request to complete the making of nuclear weapon and he urged other scientists not to cooperate with the capitalist rulers to make a nuclear weapon. Most of the scientists ignored his appeal.

The theory propagated by the western scientists is that every century has witnessed one epidemic which killed millions of people. They talked about tuberculosis, small pox, cholera etc. as evidence. But these epidemics never spread over the entire world quickly. In the past Bangladesh suffered from Malaria which killed 10 lakhs people a year.  But it did not spread to the whole world. Recent dengu and chikungunia were epidemics but was restricted within Bangladesh and West Bengal. Cancer is a dangerous disease. Its cure has not yet been discovered, but it is not a worldwide threat. The more dangerous HIV did not threat the whole world at a time. But this coronavirus is spreading all over the world dangerously and quickly. Who is responsible for this? Only China?

When people first came to know about HIV some American media published a news that this disease originated from a black African tribe. Then after some time the rumour was that its origin was America. America was making their secret weapon to wipe out enemies and experimenting with poisonous chemical weapon. This HIV virus was created by a mistake in the experiment. This was a rumour. The actual fact is, America was making biological weapons with dangerous toxic components. They first experimented it in Vietnam. It was discovered that America used chemically dangerous Napalm bomb and other weapons in Vietnam War. It killed 2 million people with different diseases even after the war. The American atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 instantly killed thousands of people, but its radiation produced poisonous diseases even after 16 years of war. After 16 years of dropping the bombs thousands of children suffered from cancer and there were severe physical deformities in new-born children. Doctors said that it was the result of the chemicals in the atomic bombs. America did not stop there and continued their experiment in the Pacific Oceans more than a dozen times and the radiation has been spreading throughout the world. This has poisoned the entire earth- vegetation, dairy and drinking water also.

According to Dr. Goodman 'After industrial revolution the capitalist industries became so greedy that they produce everyday utility mixing poisonous chemicals and people are not aware of it'. She said in her interview- 'In the polluted 21st century we live surrounded by artificial chemicals that our body has not evolved to cope with'. She says, 'Some 80,000 to 100,000 have been synthesized since the Industrialist revolution. They find their way into our air, water, soil and food, and then into us, car fumes, industrial waste, pesticides, heavy metals...we are exposed to all these and many more with little choice. Then there are the toxic chemicals to which we expose ourselves but in blissful ignorance-our perfume or after shave, deodorants and hair spray, kitchen cleaning fluids, stain removers, car oil, the air freshener we spray are all highly toxicated and this is known to the manufacturers'.

This comment shows how the capitalist industries for their profit mongering are using chemicals which is threatening humanity with developing deadly viruses. Who knows that this COVID-19 was not produced by the great powers in making chemical weapon secretly? It is rumoured both America and China are creating biological weapons in their secret laboratories. May be there was an error in the experiment and this virus spread from there. Now the medical scientists will discover the preventive today or tomorrow and the manufacturers will sell them throughout the world with a high profit. People will go for it because they do not have any choice. At the moment we cannot do anything but only pray to God that this virus will be eliminated quickly and millions of people will survive this epidemic.

London, Thursday 27 February, 2020


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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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