POST TIME: 13 September, 2020 03:49:25 PM
Add vitamin C to skincare routine
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Add vitamin C to skincare routine

Skincare enthusiasts will know, more than anyone else, the tireless effort to get a clear complexion.

Countless products and even more homemade remedies have all gone in vain in the journey to achieve skin that glows healthily.

If you haven't added vitamin C to your skincare routine yet, then now's a good time to do so.

Famed for its incredible properties of fading blemishes, making skin tone even and reducing pigmentation, it can be just what you're looking for.

It's also an extremely versatile ingredient so whether you want it in low doses with a face wash or higher like with a serum, there's a whole lot of skincare products to choose from.

Give your skin a dose of vitamin C with these picks.

1. Aromine Vitamin C Powder

This L-ascorbic acid powder is made without additives, preservatives or colourants and can be mixed with water for a quick face mask.

2. Zilch Afterglow Vitamin C Serum

With vitamin C and without any parabens, alcohols or toxins, lightweight serum has high dose of vitamin C which promotes collagen production and slows signs of ageing.

3. WOW Vitamin C Kit

If you want to 'C'eize your skincare routine completely, opt for this skin mist toner, serum and face wash which is enriched with active vitamin C, essential oils and extracts to improve skin's appearance and texture.

4. Garnier Vitamin C Fresh Booster Face Mask

Mix both sachets together to freshly fizz up a face mask that energises the skin with natural origin vitamin C.

5. Khadi Orange Face Gel

Combining orange, turmeric and aloe vera into a gel concoction, it is an anti-bacterial, brightening and moisturising potion for the skin.

6. Dot & Key Glow-C Sleep Mask

The sleeping mask is made with vitamin C from kakadu plum, pineapple and pumpkin to improve elasticity and reduce dullness through the night.