POST TIME: 30 October, 2020 12:42:26 PM
BCB hunting fresh blood for Test playing Tigers

BCB hunting fresh blood for Test playing Tigers

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has launched a new cricket talent hunt through High Performance (HP) programme in order to build a well-balanced Test squad which failed to score anything in ongoing World Test Championship.

Bangladesh, like the other cricketing nations, have to play Tests on a regular basis under the present-day realities because the International Cricket Council (ICC) introduced the World Test Championship (WTC) in a bid to nurse Test cricket back to good health.

The ICC held a good number of meetings for so long with its member countries after which they prepared a two-phase eight-year cycle (2019-2023 and 2024-2028) for WCT with the provisions of degrading and uplifting of the teams.

They embarked on its new mechanism picking top-ranked nine teams from the ICC innings, where each team will start with zero points. They will play Tests on home and away basis within the period to claim their points.

The teams will play a minimum two-match Test series and maximum five-match Test series in a tour. There is nothing of concern about the disparity of ratio of the points because the ratio of the points has equally been disbursed. In case of two Test series, the ratio of the points will be much more than five Test series.

Two top point-earners will play the final of the first phase after four years. This time there will be no matter of degrading for the teams. But the matter of the degrading and uplifting will come forward when the ICC will finally evaluate its rankings after the conclusion of the eight-year cycle in 2028.

And so, Bangladesh have to be alert before the time. In the meantime, they played three Tests, two of which against India and one against Pakistan (one remains), from where they didn’t manage any point from those series.

As of now, they have to take their footstep forward in a gingerly manner so that they can garner their points from the rest of the Tests. For this they have to focus more on those Tests which they will play on home soil to avert the fear of demotion from the ICC Test rankings.

Cricket fraternity showered praise on BCB to be conscious about the crucial matter that they have needed the talented cricketers for the development of the longer version. They have given necessary directives to the authority and coaches of the BCB-High Performance (HP).

Bangladesh High Performance head coach Toby Radford admitted it, stating that they will work for the development of the players’ skill and technique in the HP camp.

Recalling the memories of the West Indies last tour in Bangladesh, Radford, who was with the then West Indies team, said he will try to make technically sound batters capable of facing 90 miles an hour bowling and bat for five hours or both.

“……. I told the board that I want to create a group of players that can really stand up in Test cricket. They can be technically sophisticated, have stamina to face 90 miles an hour bowling and bat for five hours. They can bowl in long spells,” said Toby Radford, who has been appointed as the new HP coach by the BCB in place of Simon Helmut.

“The whole of these 14-15 days in camp is red-ball cricket. We’ve got bowling machines turned on, short and swinging. It’s designed to test technique and work in the areas that need working on,” Radford told media.

Recently, Toby gave a video presentation in BCB about his thoughts where he tries to understand them by showing a string of best players like Kane Williamson, Virat Kohli, Ben Stokes and Steve Smith who did well across the formats because they are good in Tests.

“I’d like to see Bangladesh be really competitive in Tests, but not just in Bangladesh. The only way you can play against Mitchell Starc in Australia is if you turn the bowling machine on and really get people used to it and techniques to cope with it. It’s my whole philosophy,” he concluded.