POST TIME: 8 January, 2021 06:30:01 PM
Hasina’s speech nothing but misleading: BNP
UNB, Dhaka

Hasina’s speech nothing but misleading: BNP

BNP on Friday turned down Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s address to the nation as a “black document of falsehood”.

"Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of midnight's authoritarian government has blatantly lied in her address to the nation yesterday (Thursday). Her misleading speech is nothing more than blunt rhetoric,” said BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.

He said, "We want to make it clear that the statements made by the Prime Minister on so-called development of the country, improving the lifestyle of people, economic progress, bringing positive changes in the health sector, ensuring the rule of law and taking a stance against corruption are black documents of lies. People have rejected it with hatred.”

The Prime Minister addressed the nation on Thursday evening marking the second anniversary of the incumbent government.

Sheikh Hasina formed the government for the third consecutive term as her party got a landslide victory in the 11th parliamentary election held on December 30 2018.

Rizvi said the Awami League-government has turned the country into a “den of corrupt people” while Tk nine lakh crore has been siphoned off in a decade, bankrupting the country’s banks.

He said the ruling party men plundered huge public money and built their second homes in different countries, including Canada. “That’s why I say, no matter what speech the Prime Minister gives, she earned a bad name of an autocrat in the world.”

The BNP leader alleged that Awami League imposed a ‘rule of darkness’ over the last one decade by resorting to exploitation, oppression, killing, enforced disappearance and plundering.

“All the state organisations have been destroyed only to satisfy the desire for power of only one person. In fact, Bangladesh has gone through a decade of annihilation of democracy, deprivation of the right to vote, widespread incidents of murder, abduction, enforced disappearance, rape, money laundering, corruption, looting, criminalisation and misrule,” he observed.

Rizvi said Awami League is using the slogan of “so-called” development to fool people by deporting justice, equality, human rights and the spirit of the Liberation War.

"The so-called development of Ayub Khan, the only ousted dictator, can be compared to a decade of rule by the vicious circle of those in power in the name of development. We would like to say those who want to mark a decade of so-called development by snatching democracy, depriving people of their voting right and freedom of speech will face the fall like that of dictator Ayub Khan,” he said.

About the Prime Minister’s speech over the country’s development and GDP growth, the BNP leader said, “When many of the country have to spend the night without food, low-income people can't afford to buy daily essentials and the children can't go to school, then these are bizarre stories of development and GDP growth.”

He said common people are going through serious sufferings due to the price hike of rice, pulses, oil and other essential commodities. “Amid such a situation, the Prime Minister is telling the story of development from the safe zone. Because she doesn't want to face people.”

The BNP leader said the government and its loyalists are talking about the fulfilment of a decade of the authoritarian rule of the Awami League. “There has been more plundering than development in one decade…they’re finding success after holding three fake national elections by showing a few crocodile cubs of the mega project for ages.”

He said Awami League government's success for a decade is that the country’s people are now suffering from a sense of insecurity and they are worried about their livelihoods.

Rizvi said Awami League's master plan on corona vaccine is now as clear as water to people. "People now know the government is playing a trick over the vaccine. The Prime Minister in her speech said that the corona vaccine has been arranged as India is going to export it. But the Indian High Commissioner said it is not certain when the vaccine will come to Bangladesh.”

He said Awami League's self-made lies about vaccination have been exposed through the Indian envoy’s comment. “What they (govt) are saying and making promises is complete nonsense and lies. “Playing with people’s lives is the history and tradition of Awami League.”