POST TIME: 7 April, 2021 09:32:28 PM
Bongo BOB set to bring literature-based content
DL Desk, Dhaka

Bongo BOB set to bring literature-based content

Bridging literature and video production, Bongo is launching Bongo BOB (Based on Books) to set a new industry standard for content, said a press release.

As they say Content is King, Bongo has been increasing its production capacity over the last few years to produce more originals. The Bongo team has partnered with book authors. Through a refined selection process starting at Ekushey Book Fair in February 2020, they have selected 6 best seller books.

“We have secured the book rights for the entire season. Now we are excited to launch the country’s first series of book adaptations,” said Mushfiqur Rahman, Chief Content Officer at Bongo.

In Bangladesh, cinema was once called a “Boi” or Book. Maybe it's because the early journey of film making started from the inspiration of different books & literature. Like the first silent film of the subcontinent ‘Bilvamangal’ and the first film with dialogue ‘Jamaishti’, Bangladesh's first talking film ‘Mukh O Mukhosh’ was also literary-dependent. This literary reliance has not only enriched the Bengali film but also brought it commercial success as well as international recognition. Films around the world are no exception. Looking at the world of movies at the moment, you can see that all of the world-famous superhero movies are made from comic books published by Marvel and DC Comics. The journey of this duo of books and movies is eternal.

Mushfiqur Rahman, Chief Content Officer of Bongo further added, "Bongo BOB is our dream project. Its continuity will be maintained. We have dreams and plans to make dramas, telefilms as well as films very soon through Bongo BOB series’’.

List of selected books for the first season of "Bongo BOB":

Shahaduz Zaman Rochonashongroho - 1 (Shahaduz Zaman)

a) ‘Opushpok’, b) ‘Borka’, c) ‘Chithi’; ‘Moronottom’ (Sadat Hossain); ‘Chorer Master Computer Engineer’ (Rahitul Islam); ‘Alibaba O Chalichar’ (Shibabrata Barman); ‘Nova Scotia’ (Mahbub Morshed); ‘Hakulla’ (Jobaed Ahsan) and ‘Laboni’ (Maruf Rehman).

Bongo plans to launch its first production on the Bongo flagship OTT product that is available on Android, IOS and www.bongobd.com. With 15,000 hours of content library, the Bongo BOB series will further add exciting content quality for its viewers. Those who want to know more are encouraged to get in touch with Bongo Directly.

Eid Telefilm & Directors are: Shohore Tukro Roud - (Shahaduz Zaman Rochonashongroho - 1 - Uber – 'Tukro Roder Moto Kham’), Director - Noor Imran Mithu; ‘Moronottom’, Director - Sanjoy Samadder; ‘Chorer Master’, Director - Vicky Zahed; ‘Alibaba O Chalichar’, Director - Animesh Aich; ‘Password’ (Nova Scotia), Director - Wahid Tarek; ‘Hakulla’, Director - Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi; ‘Laboni’, Director - Golam Haider Kisloo.

Bongo is also pre-planning Season 2 with two web series such as [‘Rongila Kitab’ (Kingkor Ahsan) and ‘OC-Hotnama’ (Jobaed Ahsan).