POST TIME: 8 April, 2021 09:56:12 AM
Walton launches 2 new 2nd generation compressors
UNB, Dhaka

Walton launches 2 new 2nd generation compressors

 Walton has launched two new models of second-generation refrigerator compressors. 

The models were launched at an online programme held at Walton headquarters at Gazipur's Chandra on Monday.

Walton Hi-Tech Industries Managing Director Golam Murshed attended the launching ceremony virtually as the chief guest.

Murshed said, "The development of second-generation compressors is a great success for Walton."

"Compressor manufacturing industry is another potential sector in Bangladesh and it also has a big international market. Walton wants to establish itself as one of the top compressor exporters in the world."

Walton Compressor Chief Executive Director Rabiul Alam said, "Our compressors are being exported to Europe, Middle East and other countries after meeting our domestic demand." 

Compressor Research and Development Head Meer Muzahedin Islam said, "Walton has been manufacturing and marketing the world's most 'silent and durable' compressor and the necessary components. We are strictly following 'zero tolerance' in quality control at every stage of production."

"Our compressor manufacturing industry is equipped with world-class quality control laboratories, state-of-the-art testing equipment and machinery. The minimum noise level of the compressor is ensured through a hemi-anechoic acoustic chamber imported from the US."

Bangladesh is the eighth largest compressor producing country in Asia and 15th in the world. 

The country's only compressor manufacturer Walton has an annual production capacity of about 4 million and it plans to increase the production capacity to 10 million by 2025, read a press release.