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Actress Pori Moni's plea for justice from PM causes sensation
Unable to file case over attempted rape and murder, she claims
UNB, Dhaka

Actress Pori Moni's plea for justice from PM causes sensation

Dhallywood star Pori Moni has addressed a plea seeking justice to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina through a status on her verified Facebook page on Sunday evening, claiming she was assaulted and alleging attempted rape and murder.

The popular actress addressed the post to Prime Minister, stating that she is asking for justice as a loyal citizen of the country.

"I have been physically assaulted and even resulted to attempted rape and murder. I want justice. I have asked for help from so many people, however, they just listened and commented that they'll 'look into it' while the truth is that no one has helped me yet," Pori Moni stated through that post.

In her post, she has mentioned that she tried to contact Police Station and even IGP Benazir Ahmed, yet to receive any formal help regarding her complaints.

"I haven't found justice in the last three or four days. Where I can find justice? I am a woman and actress but firstly, I am a human being. I cannot remain quiet regarding what happened with me today," she added.

In her post, she then addressed Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as her "mother", writing, "I was about 2 and a half years old when my mother died. Today I need a mother more than anytime else. I have never seen you quietly accepting any injustice. I need you, I need your help to stay alive. Please save me, mother."

Although she did not clarify the identity of her assaulters in the post only stating that she has been seeking help from law enforcement authorities for the last four days, she has informed media since that she lodged her complaint at Banani Police Station.

However, when contacted from UNB, officer-in-charge of Banani Police Station Noor- e-Alam Miah said that they still did not receive any complaint from actress Pori Moni or Shamsunnahar Smriti (her real name), however, trying to contact the actress for details.