POST TIME: 15 June, 2021 09:45:54 PM
vivo brings to market 5 cutting edge smartphone technologies
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vivo brings to market 5 cutting edge smartphone technologies

In the fast-paced modern world, leading smartphone companies are working tirelessly to deliver cutting-edge technologies and features to cater to consumer demands. The brands never fail to excite the industry with new innovative features. 

vivo has been the first smartphone brand to introduce a number of different technologies like Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) in the Front Camera, advanced Gimbal Stabilization 2.0, Dual Pop up selfie camera, In-Display Fingerprint Scanning. The brand has become a known market player for setting new standards in camera technology, which have inspired other brands in the market. 
Here are 5 smartphone technologies that vivo was the first to bring to the market: 

OIS Front Camera

vivo introduced Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) in a variety of its smartphones. This OIS front camera technology marks a radical step in setting the standard for future smartphone front cameras. Vivo’s latest smartphone V21 houses this technology. The OIS creates a software-hardware synergy, which delivers ultra-stabilization capabilities to handheld and motion shots at any point of the day. The OIS is a tremendous technology that helps detect the movement of the phone and adjust the camera automatically to enhance the photo quality, delivering an outstanding overall photography experience. 

Gimbal Stabilization

vivo, as a consumer-centric brand, attempted to solve the stabilization problem through hardware and software and decided to equip its lenses with Gimbal stabilization 2.0, a technology used in professional photography equipment. vivo’s Gimbal-equipped Camera System uses a special-shaped magnetic frame, which implements the “gimbal system” into its smartphones. 

Pop-up and dual pop-up camera

vivo was the first to bring the pop-up camera in the market as well. Soon, this became all the rage in the smartphone market during 2019, as other brands began to follow suit. vivo’s V15 Pro was the first smartphone released with a pop-up camera. The pop-up camera mechanism was designed to elevate 3,00,000 times without a glitch, i.e., if one takes 100 selfies in a day, the pop-up function can work for 8 years without a glitch.

In-Display Fingerprint scanning

vivo took a bold step by introducing the In-Display fingerprint scanning technology. With the world's first In-Display fingerprint scanning equipped smartphone, vivo drew immense positive attention from a global audience, demonstrating its continued commitment to delivering an extraordinary user experience to consumers. 

Now, even budget phones come with In-Display Fingerprint Scanning to enhance the customer experience. However, back then, it was a true milestone for the smartphone industry, one that vivo achieved and brought to its customers. 

Multi-Turbo Engine

Vivo’s Multi-Turbo engine delivers optimum performance even during the most intense mobile gameplay sessions. It combines several turbo features, including Game Turbo, Center Turbo, Cooling Turbo and AI Turbo to ensure the smoothest possible gaming experience. 

The Multi-Turbo system made gaming different for mobile gamers. The Game Turbo feature in the system enabled specific optimizations for PUBG Mobile and other popular mobile games. The Center Turbo prioritized CPU and internal storage to make games smoother by reducing stutters and FPS lag.