POST TIME: 19 June, 2021 10:34:54 PM
Playing against top teams would help in preparation for T20 World Cup: Misbah
Cricbuzz, Bangalore

Playing against top teams would help in preparation for T20 World Cup: Misbah

With the T20 World Cup looming on the horizon, Pakistan head coach Misbah-ul-Haq said that playing against top T20I teams like England and the West Indies would help the side in terms of their preparation for the event. Pakistan are scheduled to play three and five T20Is against England and the West Indies respectively in July and August.

Misbah also touched upon issues related to Pakistan's middle order, especially in the backdrop of certain batsmen struggling for form. "England is without doubt a top team ... as is the West Indies," Misbah said in the presser. "My belief is ... I also have the experience that if you play against good teams, your preparation would be better, you can judge yourself correctly as to where you stand. I'm taking it positively and it's a great opportunity as a coach and as a team that our preparation would be very good before the World Cup.

"Even if there are difficulties, we will get to know our real potential ... where do we stand. As far as concerns over forms, those concerns are there but we have time on our hands to work on certain things. Yes, there are middle-order issues and we have to look at it, and we will try to see how we can overcome the problems."

Misbah, however, was pleased with how Pakistan's fielding has improved. Even though he admitted that more work needs to be done to improve the standards of fielding at junior levels. "See, fielding is something where with practice ... the more you focus, the more you practice, it will become better. Overall, if you look at the Pakistan team, whatever series we have played, our fielding is better. There has been a lot of improvement in our fielding since the series in New Zealand. The players are taking good catches, ground fielding too has been good.

"Yes, the domestic tournaments we play, I can see concerns. We have to work on it. Our coaches at the provincial level, at the academy, there the fielding side of things is debated, we are talking about it. Gradually, we will look to improve, but the standards of the Pakistan team have got better. If you see, Babar, Rizwan, Fakhar Zaman, Shaab Khan, Shaheen, who are all very good fielders. So the overall standards of the Pakistan team have got better."

Misbah also said that if fast bowler, Mohammad Amir, comes out of retirement and puts up consistent performances, the doors are still open for him to return to the set-up. "First of all, when it comes to Mohammad Amir, I have already said he was dropped based on his performance, based on his injuries. Amir then himself announced his retirement. If he takes back his retirement, and if his performance is good, then I have always said that the door is open for every player. The main thing is let Amir perform and if he is available ... then what happened in the past, I don't think about it."

Pakistan selected the squads for the tours of England and the West Indies a few days before the resumption of the Pakistan Super League. Misbah pointed out that ideally, the selection panel would have considered the in-form players in the ongoing PSL, but due to the Covid-19 situation and various restrictions, they had to pick the side earlier.

"The way you see, we also see every aspect ... in-form batsman, bowlers ... they have to be certainly considered. But due to unfortunate circumstances, due to this pandemic, logistics, restrictions, we had to announce the team earlier. We didn't want to do (select the side earlier), but we are bound to do that due to certain reasons which are not in our control. And obviously, you can't see future that your best player would be out of form or another player would perform. Ideally, we want in-form players to be considered. Wherever we get a chance, if the team needs it, if logistics and other factors allow us, then we will definitely consider any player to strengthen the side."