POST TIME: 10 July, 2021 05:09:41 PM
Chattogram's Sadia Taher wins Shera Radhuni 1427 award
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Chattogram's Sadia Taher wins Shera Radhuni 1427 award

After a fierce competition with all interesting challenges, Sadia Taher, a BBA student from Chattogram, became the winner of this year's Shera Radhuni 1427 by defeating Khulna’s Nadia Natasa and Dhaka’s Mariam Hossain Nupur. 

Natasa became first runner up while Nupur became second runner up of the competition, according to a press release. 
After more than six months of competition, the winners were announced in the grand finale held at Hotel Intercontinental of Dhaka.
With the promise of showcasing the culinary talents of cooks from different parts of the country, Square Food and Beverages Limited organized the 6th Shera Radhuni Competition.

 Its official journey started on December 29 of last year over a press conference.
Some 28 participants were selected from all over the country through divisional auditions. After the grand audition, the battle of ‘Mahamancha’ (studio round) started with 15 of them.

 Before that round, they had some necessary grooming sessions from experts in various topics.
 They had to face sever challenges on the battle of Mahamancha. Sometimes there was a test of pure local cuisines, sometimes foreign cuisines like Mughlai cuisine, testing the skill of making Iftar-Sehri, mystery box challenge or the unique challenge of understanding the recipe while testing the cuisine with contestant’s bare eyes.

 There were a lot of surprises and twists in these episodes in order to create interest of competition and drama. And not only their cooking skills but also their ability to identify the processing cost and determine the value of the recipes has been tested. After overcoming such difficult challenges, Natasa, Sadia and Nupur took the top three places. 

They then faced two more professional challenges in Cox’s Bazar (the ‘Seafood Challenge’ and the ‘Restaurant Challenge’ to manage a five star kitchen) and that marking determined the ultimate result.

Three judges, Executive Chef Shubhabrata Maitra, Culinary Expert Rahima Sultana Rita, Actress Dilara Hanif Purnima and Managing Director of Square Food and Beverages Ltd Anjan Chowdhury handed over special honorary souvenirs and cheques to the remaining twelve contestants who took part in Shera Radhuni 1427. 

The Grand Finale also featured a quiz show by the actress, Tarin Jahan, a comedy show by actor Shaju Khadem and a singing performance by the band 'Joler Gaan'.

 At the end of the announcement of the results, all three judges of the competition,  Anjan Chowdhury, Head of Marketing of Square Food and Beverage Limited Imtiaz Firoze and Chief Operating Officer of Square Food and Beverage Ltd Parvez Saiful Islam handed over the trophy and commemorative cheque to the winners. 

As the winner, Sadia Taher got Tk 15 lakh, Nadia Natasa got Tk 10 lakh and Mariam Hossain Nupur got Tk 5lakh.
Mediacom Limited supervised and overall managed the entire event of Shera Radhuni 1427 as a creative agency.