POST TIME: 17 July, 2021 09:29:36 AM
Turkish BiP offers group calls up to 15 participants to brighten up this Eid
UNB, Dhaka

Turkish BiP offers group calls up to 15 participants to brighten up this Eid

With more than 82 million downloads worldwide, the communication platform BiP has added another new one to its distinctive innovations to meet the needs and demands of its users.

The maximum number of participants in HD-quality voice and group video calls via BiP has increased to 15, said a media release on Friday.

In this Eid, people who are far away from each other will get closer with BiP, while crowded families and large groups of friends can also make video calls to celebrate each other's Eid.

BiP, developed by Turkish engineers and whose user data is protected in high-security data centres in Turkey, continues to be the pioneer of communication platforms with superior features that differ from its competitors.

The number of participants for HD-quality audio and group video calls over BiP, a platform with more than 82 million downloads, has increased from 10 to 15 now. BiP, which nearly doubles the maximum number of participants compared to its competitors, will continue to be the meeting point for business and recreational meetings and the best option for families to meet up and celebrate Eid together.

Stating that BiP has turned into a global player with millions of users in 192 countries worldwide, BiP Communication Technologies and Digital Services General Manager Burak Akıncı said they have become one of the fastest-growing communication platforms internationally.

"Thanks to our group video calling, voice, and video calling from a web interface, disappearing messages, instant translation in 106 languages and money sending features that we have implemented long before competitor applications, as well as our transparent policy on personal data protection.

"Before Eid, we implemented another innovation and increased the number of participants in our group video call feature to 15. We wanted to give our users a gift for Eid. In the coming period, we will continue to equip our application with new features that will make a difference by taking the feedback and demands from our users into account".

Switch from other applications is extremely easy

Switching to BiP from other messaging apps is also easy. BIP's "Group Moving" feature, which everyone can use regardless of the operator around the world, users can quickly and easily transfer their groups and chat histories in the messaging app they used before to BiP.

Unlike other messaging apps, users can transfer their existing groups to BiP while automatically adding users who have installed BiP in the group without having to select them individually.

Anyone can visit http://bit.ly/bip-indir for voice and video calls for up to 15 people in HD quality with BiP.