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Arfin Xunayed: Sensational maestro of media
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Arfin Xunayed: Sensational maestro of media

Arfin Xunayed is a popular face of recent times who is well known for his dramas and TikTok videos. This is a write-up to express his glamorous lifelong journey.

Born in Mirpur, Arfin's family shifted to Saudi Arabia. Eventually, he grew up outside the country. Coming back to Bangladesh in 2010, he always cherished the idea of doing something for his motherland. From his childhood, he had a keen interest in cricket. It was a dream for him to play in the National Cricket Team. So, he was nursing his dreams and played cricket for four years. But luck was not favor him in this field. He got the chance to play in a big match but a severe injury ruined his dream to play in the National Team and his dream of becoming a cricketer stopped there only. But Arfin didn’t step back.

In quest of his goals and objectives, he thought of trying into the media sector, specially in the acting field. He started his journey in the showbiz world in 2015. This exciting journey was started doing short films. In 2016, he made his debut on Youtube through a Bengali Drama named “It’s My Life” under the direction of Tapu Khan. That was a very good shot for him to be recognized among people. And finally, there was no turning back for him. From that time he has been constantly working in dramas and modeling.

Arfin started making videos in Tiktok in 2017 and soon after he hit 1 lakh followers in Tiktok, he thought that he can also be a TikTok star. And following this, he also started getting sponsorship for his videos from last year. But the journey was not easy for him. Arfin Xunayed explained how people were not very supportive towards him through all this. But this didn't stop him and he continued his journey.

In an interview, Arfin said,''The people who didn’t support me then, now love my work. They support me now.'' While asking about how he deals with criticism! The young sensation replied that he tries not to think much about the negative comments of people as many positive feedbacks inspire him to work forward.

Arfin Xunayed has recently been working on some music videos too and soon working in a drama named “Sorry Mirabai” directed by Sajib Chishti. He aspires to be a great actor like South Indian superstar Allu Arjun and said he still has a long way to go.