POST TIME: 23 November, 2021 06:05:19 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 23 November, 2021 06:05:42 PM
RMP introduces 'Body-Worn Camera'
BSS, Rajshahi

RMP introduces 'Body-Worn Camera'

Rajshahi Metropolitan Police (RMP) here today (Tuesday) launched a new type of 'body-Worn Camera' to record the activities between on-duty traffic sergeants, vehicle owners and drivers.

RMP Commissioner Abu Kalam Siddique unveiled the camera at Shaheb Bazar Zero Point in the city for the first time in its history.

He said that some 80 cameras were introduced now and the on-duty policemen in police stations and camps will be given cameras in phases.

This camera will record the activities between the on-duty traffic sergeants, vehicle owners and drivers.

Higher police officials may supervise the camera, if necessary, he added. "It is a 40 megapixel high resolution camera that could record the audio and video for 12 hours and it could be monitored from the command centre. It can be worn on the head or body," the police commissioner said.

   "Introduction of the camera could ensure transparency and accountability of police sergeants as it could take snapshots of all the activities and record conversations of police sergeants. The records could not be erased by the sergeants at their will," he added.

   The cameras would be able to capture a first-person view from the police officials' perspective. It would also record law enforcers' conversations which the officials would not be able to delete themselves, said Siddique.

   This rechargeable camera will be attached with a policeman and can record the audio-visual for eight hours at a stretch, Kalam Siddique informed the media.

   RMP Additional Commissioner Mazid Ali and Deputy Commissioners Sazid Hossain and Anirban Chakma were present.