POST TIME: 6 January, 2022 03:14:16 PM
TikTok partners with Youth Policy Forum to encourage safe internet usage
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TikTok partners with Youth Policy Forum to encourage safe internet usage

The popular short video-sharing platform TikTok has partnered with Youth Policy Forum (YPF), a knowledge-sharing platform for young Bangladeshis, to develop a community of safe internet users.

TikTok, along with Youth Policy Forum (YPF), aims to empower individuals from various regions of Bangladesh, especially first-time internet users, to access the internet more safely and enlighten them about the various safety features embedded within the application.

The programme proposes to hold a series of workshops involving the demographic of core users in Bangladesh in order to improve the TikTok experience — to create a safe space and enabling ecosystem for better usage — as well as encourage positive participation through the platform. TikTok will work with YPF to conduct a series of dialogues, campaigns and workshops to address public concerns and educate the users regarding the responsible use of social media. The first set of dialogues is set to take place on 6 January. 

The partnership between TikTok and YPF will facilitate a safe virtual ecosystem and ensure better internet usage. The workshops and campaigns intend to provide a comprehensive understanding of content creation and digital literacy for the participants. It will also empower the youth with the necessary tools to harness the power of social media for the right reasons.

Youth Policy Forum (YPF) is a knowledge-sharing platform for young Bangladeshis to engage in and learn about national and international policy dialogues. It intends to inspire the youth to work with policies and create an intellectual pool of youngsters who will be able to discuss, scrutinize and explore alternatives to various types of policies that are undertaken in different sectors of the country. With more than 100 core team members ranging from field experts, young professionals, and university students, YPF has been working closely with Bangladesh Parliament Members, local and international NGOs for a while now. 

TikTok is a global platform that connects millions of content creators and users across the globe and promotes creativity, joy and has forged new avenues of livelihood improvement. Being a reliable platform, TikTok has always prioritised the safety of its community. Recently, TikTok also launched its Safety Center in Bangladesh, a one-stop destination providing access to safety policies and resources in both Bangla and English, read a media release.