POST TIME: 14 January, 2022 10:50:02 AM
3 more parties attend president’s EC dialogue
UNB, Dhaka

3 more parties attend president’s EC dialogue

President Abdul Hamid held discussions with three political parties - Zaker Party, Bangladesh Kalyan Party and Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP) at Bangabhaban on the formation of an acceptable Election Commission (EC),

President's Press Secretary Md Joynal Abedin briefed the reporters after the meeting.

Zaker party participated in the dialogue with the President at 6pm while a six-member delegation led by party chairman Mostafa Amir Faisal placed four-point proposals, including the enactment of electoral laws and forming a search committee comprising representatives of registered political parties to give the EC a neutral and acceptable manner.

They also proposed for using modern technology-block-chain system and e-voting system for ensuring a free, a fair and credible election.

At 7pm, Bangladesh Kallyan Party took part in the dialogue with the President with six-member delegation led by its Secretary General Abdul Awal Mamun.

They proposed to form an EC by issuing an ordinance if it is not possible to enact new law immediately.

The leaders also sought all-out cooperation of the Executives in EC activities and to ensure accountability of the Election Commission and the government in line with the Article 126 of the Constitution.

 Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BJP) Chairman Barrister Andaleeve Rahman joined the talks at 8pm.

They placed four proposals, including enacting timely law, forming EC in accordance with the Constitution and involving armed forces as a collaborating force in the electoral process.

Welcoming the delegations in the talks, the president said elections are an important process in a democratic manner and the role of the Election Commission is very important to ensure a free, fair and acceptable poll.

 The valuable opinions as well as recommendations of the political parties with regarding the formation of election commission would play a fruitful role, the Head of the State hoped.

Hamid sought a very proactive role of the country's political parties to create conducive environment in politics and motivate the voters to ensure fair and credible polls.

 Ruling party Bangladesh Awami League will hold a dialogue with the President on January 17 at 4 pm, as the last party in the list.

The current EC's five-year tenure is set to expire on February 14.