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Face yoga exercises for younger looking skin
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Face yoga exercises for younger looking skin

Who would ever say no to a perfectly toned face? Wee, we surely won't. A firmer and younger looking skin seems too good to be true sometimes but trust us, it is no rocket science, all you need are some skills, tools and just the right face yoga exercises to keep your skin younger looking and firmer. Be it a firm jaw or accentuated cheeks, these exercises are perfect for all of it. In the hustle bustle of our daily routines, we might not be able to chalk out ample of time for our beauty routines, but fret not as these simple exercises won't consume much of your time. Here's your guide on the best yoga exercises for firmer and younger looking skin.

Best facial yoga exercises for firm and younger looking skin. These facial yoga exercises are the best way to tone your face.

1. The cheek lift

Face yoga has become prominently popular among health-conscious people recently and this exercise is one super easy way to maintain firm skin. To begin with, close your lips and try to pull your cheeks towards your eyes. Then slowly raise the corners of your lips by smiling and hold that posture for about 10 seconds. This will not only help you flex your muscles but also lighten up your mood. Smiling is a great way to exercise.

2. Fish face exercise

The most easy and common exercise to practice at home, fish face is a perfect way to ensure a firmer looking skin. This is a great way to accentuate your cheeks and jaw. For this exercise softly close your lips and then draw your cheeks inwards as much as possible, making a 'fish face' look. Try smiling while holding this posture for about 15 seconds and then withdraw. Repeat this exercise for about next five minutes.

3. Puppet face exercise

This super simple exercise helps in working on the entire cheek muscles and helps them make firm. For this exercise, place the tip of your fingers where your cheeks crinkle on your face when you smile. Push your cheeks up at this point and hold the smile for about thirty seconds and then withdraw the posture slowly. You can repeat this exercise for about 2-3 minutes.

4. Raising eyebrows

The delicate area around our eyes need to strengthen as well and this exercise is a perfect way to serve this purpose right. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and hold the position for about five seconds and then relax your face. This exercise will help in strengthening the area around your eyes. Repeat this exercise 10 times for best results.

5. Jawline restorer

As the name suggests, this exercise is to tone your jaw and strengthen your jawline. For this exercise, place your thumbs just below your chin, with both thumbs lightly touching at the center of your jawline. Then slightly push your chin down and apply resistance against your thumbs. Once you feel this resistance, gradually slide your thumbs up to your jawline till your ears. You can repeat this 10 times for best results.