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Over 1,200 homes safer because of SEEMO
Wi-Fi security camera system with breakthrough performance, cloud storage service, monitor through a secure app for home safety
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Over 1,200 homes safer because of SEEMO

Whether you stay at home with your family or leave them back at home when going to work for the whole day long, safety and security are of utmost priority and this is why home security systems are being invented and becoming a popular choice for many homes in such impassive city like Dhaka. 

While talking about security and surveillance, CCTV is commonly used but it usually applies to commercial spaces with limited data storage facilities. As opposed to conventional CCTV or IP cameras being used in commercial facilities.

In 2017, Bangla Trac Solutions Ltd launched a homegrown technologically advanced brand called SEEMO- the first smart security brand of Bangladesh. SEEMO is designed to make your home and workplace safer, family secure, and thus, making life easier. It offers an easy installation process with less requirement of accessories like network cables, NVRs, etc. Whilst CCTV cameras require a TV monitor and other additional equipment, SEEMO ensures the availability of event footage in the cloud in case of loss or damage to the camera itself.

SEEMO users can monitor their premises or valuable assets from their smartphone using SEEMO app which eventually gives the end-user full control of their surveillance needs eliminating the dependency on any appointed or third-party security personnel. The proactive motion alert feature of the app also enables users to intervene in any unwanted incident rather than taking a reactive approach after the incident has taken place.

M Tanvir Siddique, Head of Operations at Bangla Trac Solutions Limited said “SEEMO is the first smart security solution in Bangladesh that is dedicated to make your home and workplace safe, family secure and make life easier. This smart security brand is launched with two basic Wi-Fi-enabled security products - Smart Video Doorbell and a Smart Indoor Camera which will keep a tab on your home’s security remotely through your mobile phone using SEEMO app. The vision is to cover 360-degree security needs in our lifestyle with more innovative products and services under the brand.”

“Bangla Trac Solutions Limited believes in impacting people’s lives with advanced technology and constant development where SEEMO stands for security, for convenience, for life. Currently, we have over 1,200 SEEMO installed in homes around the country since our launch back in 2017,” he added. 

Smart video doorbell

A simpler and smarter-designed doorbell camera that allows dual communication features. SEEMO ‘Smart Video Doorbell’ that is connected to the home power supply and Wi-Fi that can be mounted outside the front door. The doorbell sends instant notifications to users’ smartphones upon doorbell press or detecting motion in front of it. The notification comes with a snapshot of the event and a 20-second video by detecting the motion or suspicious movements in front of the front door can be monitored from anywhere in the world through the SEEMO app. It’s an advanced remote monitoring device at an affordable price, read a media release.