POST TIME: 24 January, 2022 07:06:18 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 25 January, 2022 09:22:52 AM
BB asked banks to operate office with half of manpower
UNB, Dhaka

BB asked banks to operate office with half of manpower

Bangladesh Bank (BB) on Monday asked banks to operate banks with half their manpower as per the government’s instructions to prevent Covid-19 virus infection.

The central bank’s Department of Off-Site Supervision issued guidelines adding that banking activities should be conducted with half the staff through roster following the hygiene rules.

However, the concerned institution will be able to decide on its own need to continue the required banking services, it said.

It has also been said that other officers and employees will be stationed at their respective workplaces and will complete the official activities virtually.

The service recipients who come to the bank must strictly follow the hygiene guidelines including wearing face masks.

Earlier on Sunday, the central bank had instructed the bank officials and employees to get vaccination certificates.

In addition, bank employees and customers are asked to maintain proper hygiene practices, including wearing masks, to prevent the transmission of the new type of coronavirus Omicron in the country.