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Energypac inaugurates generator testing lab
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Energypac inaugurates generator testing lab

Power engineering company Energypac Power Generation Ltd (EPGL) on Saturday inaugurated the first and only generator testing lab in Bangladesh after the name of “Eng. Khaleda Shahriar Kabir Testing Lab” says a press release.

Architect Yeafesh Osman, minister for Science and Technology, graced the event as the chief guest.  He said, The present government is working towards fulfilling the dream of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu and building a digital Bangladesh under the direction of honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Energypac is playing a leading role in this, so I sincerely thank them and wish their greater success in near future. The government emphasizing more on research and innovation to accelerate sustainable development, he added.

Engineer Nurul Huda, president, The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB); Shikha Rahman, professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, California Polytechnic State University USA; Humayun Rashid, managing director & CEO, Energypac Power Generation Ltd.; and others were present during the event. Shikha Rahman is the daughter of engineer Khaleda Shahriar Kabir.

The state-of-the-art testing lab has two standard load banks, which are used to create artificial loads and check its performance with generator load capacity.

 Here, Energypac can validate the correct load capacity, correct sound level requirements, the correct level of vibration and determine the pressure or flow of the exhaust from the silencer and the temperature of the generator.

The lab has been named “Eng: Khaleda Shahriar Kabir Testing Lab” to honour the first and one of the most renowned female engineers in Bangladesh. The idea behind the lab and its naming were clarified further by Humayun Rashid, the Managing Director & CEO of Energypac – “With our newly established testing lab, we now have the exclusive advantage in Bangladesh to manufacture and distribute generators that qualify on a next-level standard.

This shall surely give our customers and stakeholders better reassurance. At the same time, our motto was to spread the amazing story of engineer Khaleda Shahriar Kabir, who was a pioneer among the females studying engineering in Bangladesh.

She overcame many adversities to stand out as an example, and hence Energypac opted to pay tribute to her name and legacy of women empowerment by naming the benchmark lab after her,” he said.