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The end of the Trump era

Ignoring the interests of the country and the party, the way Trump thought only of his own interests, and many kept a distance from him.
Majhar Mannan
The end of the Trump era

The Trump regime came to an end as Biden took the oath on January 20. Will Trump's departure solve all problems of USA? According to political analysts, even if Trump leaves, the influence of Trump will remain for long time in the history of US politics.
The United States is going through an extremely bad situation.
What happened a few days ago in the United States is shocking and heartbreaking.

The crucifixion of democracy by those who teach democracy to the whole world is truly paradoxical. Twice in US history the Congress building in Washington DC has been attacked. The first attack was by British troops in 1814 and the second by President Donald Trump's supporters. Democracy has been buried in the soil of the United States by the actions of Donald Trump, blind to the lure of power. President Trump has repeatedly claimed that the vote was rigged and attempts are being made to snatch his victory even though he is ahead in the polls. Trump has made many attempts to change the election results in last two months, but he has repeatedly failed. He persuaded his supporters to hold a mass rally in Washington DC on January 6 to disrupt the joint session of Congress as a last effort after repeated failures. To prevent Biden's victory Trump sought to pursue a variety of anti-constitutional tactics and even he thought of using military force. Many Americans thought the riot was probably a major coup attempt. If the situation got out of control as a result of the riots, president Trump might have imposed martial law. The Washington Post's editorial board blamed Trump for the riots in a special commentary report and called for his immediate removal. The editorial board also thinks that president Trump is a major threat to American democracy. For the past four years, president Trump has held the Republican party in his hands, seizing power. In principle, many of the party's top leaders could not agree with Trump but thinking that Trump would be angry, they have supported Trump's immoral and unconstitutional activities. Many of the party's top leaders have begun to change their minds since Wednesday's riots.
Ignoring the interests of the country and the party, the way Trump thought only of his own interests, and many kept a distance from him. According to many expert politicians, Trump has not only ruined his supporters and country, he has brought his own catastrophe. During Trump's administration, there was no opportunity for practicing democracy in his party at all. Trump has run the dictatorship in the guise of democracy for the last four years. But despite such a naked attack on US democracy, Trump ultimately failed to prevent Biden's victory. Trump wanted to usurp US democracy, but in the end he did not see the light of day. 6 January 2021 will be remembered as a black day in the history of the United States because Trump tarnished US democracy on this day. Many already resigned from the Trump administration. There was nothing left in Trump's hands except the announcement of the transfer of power. The social media sites Facebook and Twitter announced a temporary ban on Trump's own platform for his offensive and provocative remarks. Cabinet members were thinking to remove Trump from power through the 25th amendment to the constitution and at the same time, impeachment of him was also under discussion.
In this context, president Trump promised a systematic transfer of power. Trump vowed to bring violators to justice, which became a laughing stock for many. But where is the end of naked attack on democracy? Everyone is now saying that this heinous incident has tarnished the image of the USA. This incident in the United States has undoubtedly had negative impact on domestic and international politics. Trump spoke out against democratic institutions during his four years in office and he trampled the culture of tolerance in US politics. By crucifying democracy he spread a divisive mentality among Americans. Trump put his own party in the face of a huge question. Extremist white organizations have developed during the Trump's administration. There is no reason to think that Trump will move away from the stage of politics. His influential shadow will remain inside the Republican party. Trump's violent political philosophy will continue to exist which may lead to more internal violence. The Biden's administration will have to face many challenges to erase the memory of this heinous incident in US history.
The future course of the United States will depend on how civil society and the media are prepared to meet these challenges outside of politics. With some provocative remarks, Donald Trump has alienated America from the world community. The United States is no longer as dependent on its allies as it once was. The undemocratic behaviour inside the country does not seem to be able to put USA in the seat of defender and preacher of democracy. This violent incident highlights the failure of the United States to pursue democracy. After this heinous incident, the United States can no longer speak loudly to others about the ideal practice of democracy. Authoritarian rulers around the world will take the opportunity to legitimize their undemocratic behaviour and ideology. The Biden's administration will have to take a number of steps to restore the United States to its former glory.
Leaders of democratic countries have strongly condemned the incident and they think this attack is not just on the congress building, this is an attack on democracy. At a time when democracy is being eroded and unwanted polarization is taking place all over the world, this kind of nasty incident has created frustration among everyone. But no matter how much Trump tried to usurp democracy, ordinary people protested and sang the praises for democracy. The US media has played role independently and unmasked the undemocratic activities of Trump. Citizens have maintained the democratic trend by voting for their own choice. The court dismissed all the false election cases filed in the court and the Congress took a stand in favour of the verdict of the people. However, we want to believe that the US democratic crisis will not have a negative impact on world politics. It is time for Americans and the world people to receive a good gift from the Biden's administration.
The United States was going through a terrible situation. No other US president has left the country in such a predicament as Trump has done in its 150 years history. Trump has been accused of building a wall of division in politics and undermining the country's long standing democratic system. However, there is no reason to think that Trump's ideology will end if Trump leaves. No president has violated political etiquette like him to stay in power. Like a dictator, he has given rise to controversy by taking one step after another. The United States must continue to fight for democracy after the departure of Trump. The message that US politics is sending to the whole world is not pleasant at all. Biden will have to bear the burden left by Trump. The next few years will be a special challenge for the Biden government. A person may be easily defeated but his ideals cannot be easily defeated. The ideology left by Trump will continue in USA for a long time.
The writer is Assistant Professor, B A F Shaheen College, Kurmitola, Dhaka Cantonment.



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Editor : M. Shamsur Rahman
Published by the Editor on behalf of Independent Publications Limited at Media Printers, 446/H, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1215.
Editorial, News & Commercial Offices : Beximco Media Complex, 149-150 Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh. GPO Box No. 934, Dhaka-1000.

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